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We created this site to showcase the talent and creativity of filmmakers in Ottawa. We need your help to make this site as all-inclusive as possible. If you’re a filmmaker in Ottawa, or know one, please submit your film, and help us spread the word.

We want ALL Ottawa short films. Your early work you created while developing your craft, your experimental piece, your web series, your award-winning magnum opus – we want ’em all! If your film isn’t available online, if it’s longer than an hour, or if it’s an old home movie, please do not submit it.

With all that said, go watch some short films. Remember to come back though, as new content is being added all the time!


Looking to the Future

A mother tries to teach her son that worrying about the future won't get you anywhere in life. Th...

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The Problem

A short one-minute film shot in the style of Alfred Hitchcock...

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Weekly film challenge #4 during Covid 19 isolation. Theme was "Freedom" This is about what freedo...

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Pandemic Paranoia

Weekly film challenge #3 in covid -19 isolation. Theme was "Alfred Hitchcock Style" During the 20...

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Playing Music

Weekly film challenge #2. Theme - Making music. A mother is proud to share her new talent while b...

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Guns Blazin’

Two paranoid pot-heads prepare for the deal of their life....

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Untitled Self

A man struggles with his identity...

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The Millers

A mysterious figure forces people to recreate a sitcom...

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Making Faces

While Cassie’s trying to find her place in this world something is trying to find its way into her...

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