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Writer’s Block

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012




Shot and edited in less that 30 hours for the Ottawa 72-Hour Film Challenge. Since the first 2 days were a bust, actors not available, work obligations, family crisis, computer meltdowns, or was it family meltdowns and computer crisis, not to mention a late hospital photo call that kept me up until 6am, I was basically still editing, 20 minutes before the deadline.
Interesting things to note:
1. Leaving the apartment, well that's me and not the actor.
2. The entire little girl scene was shot without sound (I was way too tired from my 6am sleep, to realize that the mic was off :P So needless to say, the entire sound was dubbed. From the opening of the fridge, to the swish of her pants as she walks by. The key strokes however, were tricky, but I couldn't redo it for lack of time.
3. My damn old typewritter simply wouldn't work, keys getting stuck. So the typing looks really fake, but who knows, maybe it goes with the story, since we're left unsure if he's really typing or not.
4. Used my old incandescent modeling lamps, which are pretty crappy for colour temperature. My fellow filmmaker Graeme got himself a nice LED light, where the temp is adjustable. I'm really envious of his skin tones :) So needless to say, my colour was all over the place :(
5. I waited for the secret reveal enveloppe before I actually conceptualized or wrote anything. But I'm sure most of the other competitors had ample time to fore plan. It was really just an excuse for me to go to the pub and have some beers with friends :)


Vincent Valentino

Produced by

Vincent Valentino


Julian Luckham
Graeme Hay
Victoria Jung
Jen Stanhope
Vincent Valentino


Vincent Valentino