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The Stranger

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013




Adrian's life is at a dead-end. He can't find a job, doesn't have the grads to get into college, and recently moved to a new city. Worst of all, he recently lost his parents to a fatal car crash. One night, at his lowest point, Adrian climbs onto the ledge of a bridge, ready to end it. That is, until he finds that he's not the only on that ledge...


John Petti

Produced by

John Petti


Zack Fortin
Lee Cyr


James Dormer, Co-Director/Cinematographer
Tavis Nembard, Sound
Amanda Bean, Co-Producer
Maria Heyes, Co-Producer
Karis Simpson, Editor
Steeven K. Sampassa, Editor/Colourist
Tim Clark, Graphics