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The Pink Ghosts

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006


Experimental / Fantasy


The Pink Ghosts is about the happenings surrounding a disaster. It seems like everywhere, from the hills of the mountains to the city streets, trouble is brewing. A child hides a secret from her mother, a rider is thrown by his horse and sinister figures in gray prepare to execute a plan. A fatal crash sends ordinary folk packing into their homes for the night and unleashes a spectral force. This fantasy is conducted on a miniature scale, featuring a cast of dozens of strangely coloured tiny figurines cast amid eye-popping settings created with mirror and glass tricks that date back to the 19th century. Featuring music by The Acorn.

“A cotton candy-coloured toy world with a good many dark undercurrents.”
(Peter Goddard, Toronto Star)


Christopher Rohde

Produced by

Christopher Rohde


Music courtesy of Rolf Klausener & Kelp Records


Produced through the SAW Video Jumpstart Program