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The House

Sunday, May 7th, 2017




Five people receive an invitation to compete on a mysterious new reality TV show, being held in a house. Shortly after arriving the contestants realize that they may have gotten themselves in too deep. Not knowing how to get out they realize that they must find the host if they want to escape this house alive. Billy (A tech wizard), Ashley (an outcast), Quinn (the princess), Betty (the innocent pretty girl), and Chad (the jock) all work together to try and beat the house.


Isabel Estabrook

Produced by

Isabel Estabrook and Alyssa Coleman


Fabio Ricci
Erica Hastings
Xavier Mason
Chantal Kloosterman
Zahraa Abdul-Hussein
Tristan McIntosh
Duke Ellis


Erik Nissen
Hailey Albertson
Alyssa Coleman
Mitchell Peyton