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The Hacker

Tuesday, July 3rd, 1990




After accepting a mysterious computer disk from an anonymous employer, a young computer expert (a "hacker') finds himself on the run from a trio of gunmen who will do anything, and kill anyone, to get the disk for themselves. What follows is half an hour of double crosses, desperate chases, improvised dialogue and death-defying stunts.

An early work from Andrew L. Smith (director of Reawakening; creator of the Digi60 festival) and Lee Gordon Demarbre (director of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter and the Harry Knuckles Series), the Hacker provides a glimpse of the formative years of two of the most important voices in Canadian Filmmaking today.

The Hacker. It's the ultimate analogue experience -- finally available online!


Lee Demarbre and Andrew Smith

Produced by

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Andy Smith
Jason Wood
Ian Campbell
James Henderson
Lee Demarbre


Music by Howard Sonnenburg
Edited by Andy Smith
Written, photographed and directed by Lee Demarbre and Andy Smith