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The Bullying Addiction

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014




Following the release of a short film, some actors were bullied by numerous, mostly anonymous, people, who had nothing else to do but to attempt to destroy the confidence and self-esteem of others...

But emerging actors won’t accept that online bullies deter them from achieving their dreams. This led to the creation of Abshum’s first “serious” film… The Bullying Addiction…

It’s the story of a group of every-day people who are disrupted by the arrival of many die-hard bullies who won’t hesitate to harshly and violently bully innocent victims.


Claude Huard

Produced by

Claude Huard


Billy the Bully - Daniel Desmarais
Sandy the Nasty - Angela Parent
Jean the Mean - Natasha Jetté
Rock the Rock - Duncan Milloy
Doug the Old - Randy Mars
Renée the Lesbian - Kristin Delcellier
Tim the Nerd - Islam Balbaa
Ron the Short Guy - Patrick Mercurio
Shannon the Prostitute - Mel Guibz
Vicky the Chubby - Ilish Karson
Mark the Black - Augustin Mangala
Roger the French Actor - Taylor Gilligan
Rick the Geek - Mardy Men
Cathy the Lazy - Jessica Martineau


Bill St. John, Kathleen To, Laszlo Szijarto, Harris Nielsen, Caroline Lalonde, Amber Peters, David Friend, Anik Rompré, Anthony Quinn, Jessica Martineau, Vanessa Dagenais-Martel, Jennifer Vallance