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Suzart Documentary

Sunday, September 10th, 2017




I have created a 20 minute documentary on a local Ottawa community theatre group called Suzart. The story follows the two founding members Sue Fowler Dacey, her partner Elaine McCausland and their humble beginnings starting a new company surrounded by volunteers.

The focus of the documentary talks about the effect Suzart has in the Ottawa community and the social impact on society. It also follows Sue and Elaine's recent retirement from the organization and the transfer of ownership.


Aaron Reid

Produced by

Aaron Reid


Sue Fowler Dacey
Elaine McCausland
Lynn Carroll
Dave Corbishly
Kraig Paul Proux
Christopher Natuik
Anna Seguin
Maureen Russell
Anna McCready
Sonja Milsom
Shanna Jacklin
Ellen Seguin
Suzart Kids


Aaron Reid