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Solution X

Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Horror Comedy


A surreal zombie comedy, with horror elements. Truly weird and wild! You won't see another zombie flick like this.

VIEWER ADVISORY for male nudity.


Ava Loren

Produced by

Ava Loren


John Fournier as George Wallachia

Jamie Jones as Megan Balmer

Robyn Shaw as Mortuary Zombie

Veronique Nolin as Carrie LaBlonde

Penelope Goranson as Rev O'Leary

Sonya Nagpal as News Reporter

Randy Mars as Kurt LaBlonde

Caren MacNevin as Nancy LaBlonde


DP/Camera Operator/Gaffer/Grip/Audio Tech: Ava Loren

Assistant gaffer and grips: John Fournier and Ramin S. Khanjani

Script Supervisor and Slate: Meaghan Thew

Makeup: Ava Loren and Martine Berthiaume