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Snapping Noises

Saturday, October 13th, 2012




Delilah is feeling a little bit emotionally unstable. A significant relationship has recently fizzled and the part she desires in an upcoming play belongs to someone else. Feeling lonely and disheartened she turns to her only true friend for comfort, Emily. As it turns out, Emily has just about everything Delilah could ever want. As ominous forces compel Delilah deeper into madness, Delilah realizes what she must do to get what she wants. Snap.


Kyle Martellacci

Produced by

Kyle Martellacci


Delilah - Elizabeth McSheffrey
Emily - Stephanie Moran
Deborah - Cassandra Mariano
Adrian - Kyle Martellacci


Music by
Luke and Marika Neumann (

Additional Music by:
Kyle Martellacci

Kyle Martellacci

Production Assistants:
Elizabeth McSheffrey
Cassandra Mariano
Clayton Millette
Stephanie Moran