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Scream A Little Dream, Episode Eight

Friday, June 6th, 2014




The ride ends. Geiger, Andrew and Tina try one last time to stop the evil force before it claims its final victim.


W Thomas Leroux & Greg Murphy

Produced by

Greg Murphy & W Thomas Leroux


Emanuelle Carriere – Jenna / Shadow
Kyla Gray – Sarah
Veronika D’Arc – Geiger
Lindsay Gerro – Tina
Vincent Scattolon – Andrew
Joyce Rivera – Cheryl
Ken Godmere – Henderson


W Thomas Leroux – Director
Greg Murphy – Co-Director
Mike Geiger – Director of Photography
Geoff Lachapelle – Camera & Lighting Assistant
Howard Sonnenburg – Sound Recordists
Mark Bell
Paul Boyle – Grips
Graeme Kent

Greg Murphy – Editors
W. Thomas Leroux
Jason Leroux
TJ Cyr – Darkspace Design and FX
Susan Murphy – Production Manager
Tracey Vibert – Make-up and Wardrobe Supervisor
Howard Sonnenburg – Sound Design
Mark Bell – Music

Greg Murphy – 2nd Unit
W. Thomas Leroux
Jennifer Johnston – Production Assistant
Linda Bérubé
David Peralty – Data Wrangler
Tracey Vibert – Craft Services
Linda Bérubé
Jason Leroux – Technical Consultant
Mike Thompson – Behind the Scenes
Vanessa Burguete
Rene Antunes – SAYW Logo

Special Thanks to:
Will and Sarah Samuel
Jester Creative Inc.
SAW Video Co-op.
Kris Joseph
Nancy Kenny
Ken Godmere
Stacey Diffin-Lafleur, United Way Ottawa
Vera Sagram, Vera’s Waffles
Crystal Leblanc & Gilbert Auger, Routhier Community Centre
Katheryne Legault