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Parkwood Hills

Wednesday, January 16th, 2002




After a rough day at school, Ashley Bennett invites her friends, Sarah and Amy, to come with her on a baby-sitting job. Thinking it will just be a boring night with an overly-precocious child, the power goes out and Ashley begins to believe that her teacher is locked in the house with them. Unsure whether what she's seeing is real or imagined, Ashley is forced to confront everything from her friendships and her sanity. This is Parkwood Hills.


Kolin Casagrande

Produced by

Kolin Casagrande


Meghanne Kessels, Sarah Smyth, Brent Donnelly, Tony Wall, Maya Dhawan, Nick Burton, Vanessa Sanchez, Lorraine Ansell, Claudia Jurt


Kolin Casagrande, Christian Bielz, Miles Finlayson, Justin Braganza