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Our Sons

Thursday, November 14th, 2013




Sam is a 48 year old mother. She had always considered herself a good woman, a woman of faith and strong convictions. She considered herself a good mother, raising her son, Jacob, to be kind hearted and god-fearing.
But her world shattered when her son killed another – his best friend.

A year after her son's heinous act, Sam is still suffering. After reminiscing through Jacob's possessions, she discovers a secret about Jacob she hadn't known before...


John Petti

Produced by

John Petti


Catherine Mary Clark
Kimberly Valentine
Candice Lidstone
Sonya Nagpal
Francko Edge
Hans Vivian-Wenzel


James Dormer, Cinematography
Chris Dixon, Sound
Maria Heyes, Co-Producer
Jordan Ladisa, Editor