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One Drink

Monday, December 10th, 2012


Horror, Suspense


A twisted tale about the world of one night stands, One Drink plays on misdirection, sex-roles and subversive horror to ask the question - man or woman - who's the hunter and who's the hunted?


Mike Ross

Produced by

Executive Producer: Diego Dias. Produced By: Diego Dias, Nick Lacelle, Eric McAllister


Joe Marques
Olexandra Pruchnicky

David Hammon
Anne Desjardins
Alex Carmanico
Serge Séguin
Jonathan Graham
Sarah Burton
Valerie Caldwell
Rebecca Craford
Ashley MacDonald
Evan Murphy


Writer: Diego Dias
Director of Photography: Nick Lacelle
Assistant Director: Anik Séguin
Camera Operator: Devin Singleton
1st AC: Diego Dias
Art Director: Nick Lacelle
Location Audio: Eric McAllister
Chief Lighting Technician: Ryan Loates
Script Supervisor: Kyle Woods
Make up: Angie Reid
Editor: Kyle Woods
Colorist: Nick Lacelle
Composers: David Campbell and Olexandra Pruchnicky
Craft Services: Shinobu Lacelle, Sarah, Marleau
BTS Photographer: Evan Murphy
Special Thanks: Armada Lounge, Cheryl McCormack, Kyle Fullarton, Elizabeth Fullarton, InMotion