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Thursday, April 5th, 2012




Longing is about a man's search for nostalgia, a sometimes suffocating disillusionment of security and better days. He Eventually comes to understand the futility of his nonconforming ways, and that there is no such thing as being bored.

When the day is long and idealistic chores seem tedious, it is often difficult to avoid this habitual maze of longing to be elsewhere, rather than within the moments we inhabit.

Notice how it's the small things he fondly falls upon. The background, the feeling of a warm cup in the hand, the smell of a dusty jacket as it brushes past him. It's these inanimate objects that often speak louder than those who are tied to them. Like it or not, we're bound to the places that made us. The associations we build around a particular time in our lives, when moments seem to last forever, and how they mad us feel when we inhabited them. It's not so much the melody, as it is the words that spring life into our memories and bring us back.

Every shot has a potent significance. From the ephemeral nature of the smoke, the the narrow descending of a dark escalator, and the curious mystery of the cat, who is a prisoner to a world of dreams.

Such is the quiet desperation that is nostalgia.


Vincent Valentino

Produced by

Vincent Valentino


Paul Wylie
Vincent Valentino


Vincent Valentino