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Lester Perpetual

Friday, February 1st, 2013


Mystery, Drama


The second in the Perpetual Series by Ray Besharah and Randy Smith. This short was originally created for the 2012 Ottawa International Film Festival 72-hour short competition. Though we paid and submitted on time, our application got lost in the shuffle and never ended up being included in the festival. We're still pretty pleased with it, though.

The competition forced us to use 3 songs from a small list they provided, among a few other criteria. I'm very much in love with the couch montage in this one. Initially, Randy didn't think the beard would work; I made him eat that beard.


Ray Besharah

Produced by

Ray Besharah


Hobo -- Ray Besharah
Emma -- April Campbell
Cat -- Keaton Besharahall


Writer/Director -- Ray Besharah
Camera/Editor/Sound -- Randy Smith
Assisting – April Campbell