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Kung Fart: Piggy-pocalypse

Sunday, October 18th, 2015


Horror, Comedy


Sensei and his ninja's must face a force unlike any they have faced before... Zombie pigmen! And lots of them! Will they find the "key" to solve the mystery? How smelly will it get? Find out why they joined forces with their worst enemy in order to survive.


Daniel & Michelle Elston

Produced by

Daniel Elston


Daniel Elston as Sensei
Ricky Elston as Ninja
Adam Barefoot as Ninja's Brother
Jonny Elston as Squeaky Ninja
Michelle Elston as Squeaky's mom
Eric Barefoot as Silver Dragon
Lily Reid as Squeaky's Favourite Cousin
Anne-Carolyne Binette as Squeaky's family member

Sarah Reid
Violet Reid
Lily Reid
Rosalee Reid
Dahlia Reid
Alex Friesen
Corinne Leduc
Rhys Lyons
Lily Blane


Director: Daniel & Michelle Elston
Producer: Daniel Elston
Writer: Daniel Elston & Eric Barefoot
Camera: Michelle Elston, Daniel Elston, Johanna Barefoot
Editor: Daniel Elston
Make up: Sarah Reid, Corinne Leduc
Costumes/Set: Michelle & Daniel Elston