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Keegan’s Choice

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Drama, Crime, Film Noir


Keegan and Robynn, his pregnant girlfriend, live in a city that has fallen on hard times. A city where the person closest to you might turn on you if you’re not careful. Keegan joins the ranks of group of criminals where his morality and his life are put on the line by the gang’s ruthless leader Francis, who only cares about succeeding and destroying anybody that comes in his way. When Keegan gets caught in a major conspiracy, he has to think fast before he pays the ultimate price.


Steeven K. Sampassa

Produced by

Steeven K. Sampassa


Zack Fortin, Chantal Clement, Andrew Johnson, Lee Cyr, Dave Shaw, Garth Wigle, Craig Barton Hill, Maddalena Iannitti, Patrick Mercurio, Chandal Gambles, Chad Walls, Vicki Mavraganis, Kelley Oliver,


Steeven K. Sampassa, John Petti, Caro Ibrahim, Laura Tomkins, Patrick Sink, Karis Simpson, Melody McKiver, Jon Lindsay, Tim Clark, Natasha Commanda, Raven Groves, Jocelyne Formsma