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Harry Knuckles

Saturday, July 4th, 1998


Action, Adventure


This is the trailer that started it all! There are over six billion people in the world today, and one virus deadly enough to kill every last one of them. Only the hands of a righteous man can save us now. Only a man with… hairy knuckles!


Lee Gordon Demarbre

Produced by

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Phil Caracas
Josh Grace
James Henderson
Nancy Riehle
Bill Furlonger
Chi-Hung La
Ian Campbell
Matthew Purcell
Bridget Farr
Jaye Lappin
Chris Robinson
Thetis Bernard
Cristina Graham
Tracy Lance
Melanie Siska
Ski Team: Craig Black, Jeff Daunt, Andy Smith, Sean Smith, Fiona Bhoi
The Wet Foxes: Dorothy Jeffreys, Kelly Neall, Nathalie Parent, Bethann Robial


Written, Photographed, edited by: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Associate Producer:Tyler Devooght
Music by: Pierre Oulette