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Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy

Wednesday, August 4th, 1999


Action, Adventure


Harry Knuckles returns in a two-fisted archeological adventure that doesn't pull any punches! In his quest to unearth an unholy treasure and to save his daughter's life, Harry goes mano a mano with everything from beatnik bank robbers to the insidious hordes of the undead. Multiple award-winner!


Lee Demarbre

Produced by

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Phil Caracas
Jeff Moffet
Feisal Mohamed
Alexandra Fattah
Isabelle Arnedo
Josh Grace
Ian Driscoll
Tim Devries
Bill Furlonger
Jacob Richardson
Veronique Robert
Jocelyn Patten
Jarvis Neall
Christian David
Neoma Boardman
Nancy Riele
Raina Farr-Dutchin
Natalie Parent
Vince Tourangeau
Elenor Quesnel
Petr Maur
Anik Latremouille
James Henderson
Jamie Ross
Patty Fleming
Mike Francouer


Photographed, directed and edited by Lee Demarbre
Written by Ian Driscoll
Associate Producers: Mike Funk, Cheryl Drouillard, Tyler Devooght, Ian Driscoll, Tracy Lance
Additional Financing by The Dominion Tavern
Music: Graham Collins, Josh Grace, Pierre Ouellet
Makeup Effects by The Goo Goo Muck Creature Shop
Head Makeup Supervisor: Josh Grace
1st Assistant: E;eanor Quesnel
2nd Assistant: Patty Fleming
Santo's Mask: June King and Patty Martinez
Aztec Mummy Mask: Casey Tourangeau
Aztec Mummy Costume: Christine Demarbre
Assistant Director: Ian Driscoll
Production Assistants: Tracy Lance, Cheryl Drouillard, Jenn Farr, Jason Gilron, Christina Graham, Shane Graham, Chi-Hung La, Michel Lesarr, Sean O'Neil, Elenor Quesnel, Melanie Siska, Casey Tourangeau
Helicopter Crew: Micheal Mainville, Bruce Hince, Murray Cheslock, Dennis Pilon
Lighting by: Dan Sokolowski
Optical Effects: Shaheen Seith
Sound Editing: :ee Demarbre
Digital Imaging: Petr Maur
Still Photography: Petr Maur, Tacy Lance, Bridget Farr
Stunds: Phil Graham
Driver: Grant Chang
Boat Driver: Donal Esmond
Video Playback: Mark Zanin
Negative Cutter: Claudine Blaine
Lenses Supplied by: Dan Sokolowski
Opening Credit Sequence Design: Dan Sokolowski
Closing Credit Sequence Design: Casey Tourangeau
Odessa Filmworks Logo Design: James Henderson
Sound Mix: Joe Dunphy, Larry Johnson