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Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady – Episode IV – Desitnation Cirrhosis

Tuesday, February 4th, 2003


Action, Adventure


A hard-boiled tale of kidnapping, violence, drunkenness and laughter – told in less time than it takes to hard-boil an egg! In the tradition of the Republic Serials of yesteryear, this six-episode, six-minute adventure delivers all the action-packed, fight-filled, stunt-studded, comedy-crammed fun that fans have come to expect – in bite-sized pieces! Originally produced for Canadian television!


Lee Demarbre

Produced by

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Phil Caracas
Emma Maloney
Josh Grace
Tracy Lance
Dan Sokolowski
Steven Legge
Ian Driscoll
Peter Piening


Written by: Ian Driscoll
Photographed by: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Music by: Graham Collins
Original Theme by: Pierre Oullet
Editor: Steven Legge
Catering by: Christine Demarbre
Stills and Opening Credit Design: Petr Maur
Lighting by: Dan Sokolowski
Best Boy: Steven Legge
Fluffer: Tracy Lance