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Gott Ist Tot

Friday, July 26th, 2013




Not Provided.


Chris Chitaroni Marc-Antoine Cuerrier

Produced by

Chris Chitaroni, Marc-Antoine Cuerrier Executive Producers: Brian Bicknell, Francoys Gauthier, Damien Lamoureaux. Associate Producers: Jesse Gussow, John Hnetka, Sebastien Larocque


Sasha Chichagov as Victor
Eric Romanica as TV News Anchor
Natasha Ramnarine as Raja Peters
Alex Normand as Sham-Pow guy
Nate Semajuste as E-Talk Host
Stephanie Essig as Jennifer Butler
Alexandra Campeau as Reporter
Laurent Cardinal as Male News Reporter
Alain Dickenson as NNC News Reporter
Mo Kareem as Hurricane Reporter
Dan Demarbre as Surprised Reporter
Louis-Charles Cuerrier as Delivery Boy
Kristal Felea as Cashier
Julien Masterson as Young Victor
Johni Keyworth as Dr. Smith
Jeremy Prudhomme as Russian General
Joelle Hamilton as Yana
Jennifer Valance as Dance Instructor
Kimberly Wolfe as Ballerina
Jimm Moire as Vandal #1
Chris Chitaroni as Vandal #2
Jennifer Gravelle as Victim Woman
Marc-Antoine Cuerrier as Soldier on TV


Written by: Marc-Antoine Cuerrier
First Assistant Director: Alexandra Campeau
Technical Producer: Jeremy Prudhomme
Original Score by: Jean-Sebastien Villeneuve
Costume Design and Make-up Artist: Jennifer Gravelle
Director of Photography: Chris Chitaroni
Lighting: Jeremy Prudhomme
Camera: Chris Chitaroni, Marc-Antoine Cuerrier, Jeremy Prudhomme
Construction Coordinator: Jeremy Prudhomme
Set Construction Crew: Jimm Moir, Louis Morel, Marc Prudhomme
Sound Engineer: Jean-Sebastien Villeneuve
Production Assistants: Michael McLaughlin, Kris Perrault
Edited by: Chris Chitaroni
Visual Effects by: Chris Chitaroni, Sy Nguyen
Behind the Scenes Production: Kris Perrault
Graphic Design: Dominique Proulx
1st Assistant Garbage Collector: Jorden Guth
Location Services: Marles Martin, Gladstone Sports and Health Centre
Craft Services: Culinary Moments
Beer Provided by: Beau's Brewery