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Ghost Houndz

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018




The Ghost Houndz, a group of Paranormal Investigators are live-streaming their latest ghost hunt, when they find something much worse than they were looking for in an old chemical factory.


Randy Smith

Produced by

Randy Smith


April Campbell
Leslie Cserepy
Joel Elliott
Ricky Elston
Alli Harris
Victoria Luloff
Nick Wade
Daniel Elston
Jonny Elston
Samuel Vary


Directed and Produced by Randy Smith
Written by Phil Voyd and Randy Smith
Cinematography by Brennan Martin
Editing by Brennan Martin and Randy Smith
Special Effects Make-up by Geneviève Bigras
Audio Recording: April Campbell and Leslie Cserepy
Production Assistants: April Campbell, Karin Campbell-Peach, Celine Couture, John Graham
Colour Correction: Randy Smith and April Campbell
Digital Effects: Randy Smith
Location: Volundur Wally Thorbjornsson
Craft Services: April Campbell
Wardrobe and Casting: Randy Smith
Special Thanks: Michelle Elston and Sophie Bigras