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For Delivery

Sunday, February 9th, 2014




An upbeat short about one pizza delivery guy's varying encounters with eclectic customers.

Submission to OIFF 72 Hour Challenge 2014.

Criteria to Include:
Theme - "happy accidents"/"unexpected blessings"
Dialogue - "Bud, the mailman's not coming"
Prop - Purple Urchin Soap
Prop - Kichessipi Beer
Image or Actual Location - Great Canadian Theatre Company
Location - Ice (open to interpretation)
Include a minimum of 15 seconds each of 3 songs (chosen from 10) from Ottawa Rock Lottery music.

Many thanks to all the bands who provided their tracks for our film. To hear them in full check out the soundtrack below.

If you're a fan of our film there are some behind the scenes stills available for your perusal. Photo cred: Kelly Brisson.


Simon Di Lauro

Produced by

Simon Di Lauro / Allan Gauthier


Doug: Michael Laing
Sam: Sam De Benedet
Two Hawaiians: Ryan Hicks
Extras: Geoff McCaldin, Kelly Brisson, Erik Powell, Allan Gauthier, Simon Di Lauro, Chris Di Lauro, Benny the Cat


Written by: Simon Di Lauro, Allan Gauthier
Director of Photography: Robert Patterson
Edited by: Erik Powell, Simon Di Lauro
Audio Technicians: Chris Di Lauro, Allan Gauthier