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Flirting with Strangers

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012




My 2nd short film was shot on a cheap camcorder. It ended up having a running time of almost 1 hour, and the colour and sound had suffered as a lack of proper equipment. Achieving the old film look was a fun challenge and seemed to fix these issues. Those who bravely stood before the camera included my friends, my boss, my brother, my mother, my girlfriend's daughter, and even yours truly.


Vincent Valentino

Produced by

Vincent Valentino, Julian Luckham, Graeme Hay


Dating Girl: Kimberly Elyse Wolfe
Mr. Ego: Adrian Black
Mr. Communication: Bikram Singh Dhanoa
Mr. Sleepy: Darcy Quesnel
Mr. Hyper: Paul Wylie
Mr. Creepy: Gabriel Bigras
Mr. Funny: Hamza Haq
Mr. Psychopath: Julian Luckham
Mr. Mama's Boy: Graeme Hay
Mr. Religious: Andre Sly
Mr. Perfect: Steve Jones
Mother: Vivianne Boisvenu
Scorn Woman: Jennifer Vallance
The Little Girl: Victoria Jung
The Guy Who Gets the Girl: Vincent Valentino
Extras: Caitlin Luckham, Adam Cutler, Chad Trappitt, Monkey


Directed, written, photographs, sound, and edited by Vincent Valentino