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Feathers and Boom

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


Action, Drama


A group of mercenaries find themselves in over their heads when a job goes awry. Frankie, the team's lookout, is nabbed during the getaway and finds himself in the torture chair of a notorious mob enforcer.

This is chapter 1 of the Treepot Cliffhanger Project.

You can watch chapter 2 here:


Chris Chitaroni

Produced by

Jeremy Prudhomme, Jimm Moir, Chris Chitaroni Executive Producer: Jith Paul


The Handyman – John Jill
Frankie – Julien Masterson
Roger – Gerry Kaiser
Roger's Wife – Catherine Mary Clark
Malcom – Mike Tarp
Cassady – Jennifer Vallance
Young Security Guard – Josh Martin
Norm – Matt Swalm
Clive – Jimm Moir
Valentin Anakov – Johni Keyworth
Guard 1 – Pavel Lubanski
Guard 2 – Kelly Oliver
Guard 3 – Lee Cyr
Guard 4 – Jess Gussow
Guard 5 – Alain Dickenson


Written by Jimm Moir
1st Assistant Director: Kris Perrault
Cinematography: Chris Chitaroni, Jeremy Prudhomme
Lighting and Sound: Jeremy Prudhomme
Make-up, Effects and Wardrobe: Jennifer Gravelle
Editing and Digital Visual Effects: Chris Chitaroni
Key Grip: Melik Benkritly, Steve Desjardins
Casting Director: Julien Masterson
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Louis Morel, David Johnson
Location Coordinator with INvest Ottawa: Stephanie Davy