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Fear of the Living Dead

Friday, December 18th, 2009


Horror, Zombie


Two weeks after the zombies took over, our film begins...An intense and gore-filled tale that zombie and horror film lovers will enjoy! This is the YouTube Edit, about a minute and a half shorter than the DVD version.


Randy Smith

Produced by

Randy Smith


Her: April Campbell
Him: Mike Tarp
Dead Body One: Patrick Kane
Intestines Zombie: Jon Duc
Dead Body Two: Jared Cohen
Woods Zombie: Craig Peach
Bridge Zombie: Jennilee Murray
Basement Zombie: Karin Campbell-Peach
Couch Zombie: Nicole LeDrew
Window Zombies: Janine Frenken, Aaron Lawrence, Kate Parkhouse, Ben Prentice
Door Zombie: Steve Onyschuk
Headshot Zombies: Dean Michaud, Tessa Duc
Struggle Zombie: Lee Demarbre
Finger-Biting Zombie: Eric Zegarra
Bush Zombie: Will Leckie
Zombie Swarm: Vanessa Lyon, Chris Sartzetakis, Christina Kasper, Sandra Smith, Aiden Duc, Peter Kasper, Edward Ocampo-Gooding, Geoff Waddington, Heather Bennett, Jeff Warford, Brad Valladares, Sean Smith, Julie Haché, Mary Beth Baker
Hazmat team: Todd Willoughby, Jordan Voth


Written by: Randy Smith and Craig Peach
Directed and Edited by: Randy Smith
Lead and Special Effects Make-up: Liz Ciesluk
Additional Zombie Effects Make-up: Randy Smith, Michelle Anne, Samantha Caldwell, Bev Chappell, Jacqueline Lambert, Helena Mundell
Special Effects: Randy Smith
Cinematography and Lighting: Ben Prentice, Randy Smith, Tom Reid
Additional Camera Work by: Lee Demarbre, Daria Locke, Craig Peach, Andre Ringuette
Boom Operators: Randy Smith, Craig Peach, Ben Prentice, Tom Reid, Jared Cohen
Promotional Photography: Andre Ringuette,
Set Photography: Jon Duc
Sound Effects: Randy Smith, April Campbell, Joe Frenken
Catering: April Campbell
Behind the Scenes Help: Jared Cohen, Daria Locke, Craig Peach, Karin Campbell-Peach, Jennilee Murray, Sandy Campbell
Locations Thanks: Craig and Karin, Sandy and Norma, Jon and Brenda, Todd and Cindy