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Sunday, February 9th, 2014




In this offbeat short, four characters are connected by the actions they take. For good or evil, one step causes another in this fateful journey that reminds us we are all at the mercy of happenstance.

Created for the OIFF 72 Hour Film Challenge 2014
Criteria to Include:
Theme - "happy accidents"/"unexpected blessings"
Dialogue - "Bud, the mailman's not coming"
Prop - Lavender Soap Bomb
Prop - Kichessipi Beer
Image - Great Canadian Theatre Company
Location - Ice
Include a minimum of 15 seconds each of 3 songs (chosen from 10) from Ottawa Rock Lottery music

"Wanderlust" appears with the express permission from The Musettes
"Phinn's" appears with the express permission from Her Harbour from Winter's Ghosts
"Bounce is Back" appears with expressed permission from G. Grand from Freshly Pressed


Ray Besharah

Produced by

Ray Besharah


Emily - Laura Hall
Chat - Ray Besharah
Jimmy - David Benedict Brown
Gag Boy - Randy Smith
Avery - Matt Minter


Writer/Director - Ray Besharah
Camera/Visual Effects - Randy Smith
Editors – Randy Smith/Ray Besharah
Car Crash Sound Effect - Steven Lafond
Production Assistant - April Campbell