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Monday, September 4th, 2006


Action, Drama


View advisory for nudity and adult situations.

Bzzzzzz is the sound of terror. It's the sound of love. It's the sound of laughter. And for a group of charachters trapped in the nation's capital during a killer bee invasion , bzzzzzzz could very well be the last sound they hear!

The mayor is busy trying to balance his job, his family and his mistress. His brother is busy making prank phone calls. His wife is busy dealing with his brother. His daughter is busy defending a classmate from a group of bullies. His constituents are busy enjoying the big motocross race.

And the bees? The bees are about to get busy – stinging people to death!


Lee Gordon Demarbre

Produced by

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Phil Caracas
Gabrielle Wolfe
Josh Grace
Anna Sharrett
Marie-France Courtemanche
Gabriela Svoboda
Marc Charron
Dave Cherry
Ian Driscoll
Sean O'Neill
Mark Pollesel
Adam Gibbard
Andrew Lapointe
Lucas Wilson
Wendy Roney


Edited by Lee Gordon Demarbre
Lighting by Dan Sokolowski
Titles by Petr Maur
Digital Bees Created by Steven Legge and Vince Tourangeau
Cinematography by Steven Legge & Petr Maur
Dialogue Provided by: Driscoll Dialogue Services
Put Your Pussy on my Woofer performed by the Busy Beez
Additional Music by Casey Tourangeau and Graham Collins