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Saturday, December 6th, 2014




Set in the universe of the The Last of Us by Naughty Dogs Games (PS3/PS4), ALL THAT REMAINS is a human drama that touches on the themes of selfishness, survival and false sense of protection.

When a mother tries to save her children in a false sense of protection, she is confronted by her community leader, bringing deeper issues and truths to light. Faced with a choice, she must decide beyond her own selfishness, what would be best for her children instead of herself. The events of ALL THAT REMAINS take place during the same time as the game. So as Joel and Ellie make their way across America, we are witness to the lives of a few others struggling to survive.

Winner, BEST DIRECTOR, Derek Price at the 2014 Digi60 Filmmakers' Festival.


Derek Price

Produced by

Derek Price, Emily Ramsay


Alexis Maitland
Victor Cornfoot
Cathy Symonds
Tim Finnigan
Jodi Wood Larratt
Auden Larratt
Habree Larratt
Brennan Martin
Jennifer Vallance


Director/Writer/DP/Editor/Sound Mix: Derek Price
Writer/Producer: Emily Ramsay
"B" Camera Operator/Lighting: Adrian Langley
Sound Recordist: Matt Farrier
SFX Makeup: Genevieve Bigras
1st AC: Sean Weekes
2nd AC: Ahmed Alaa Hafez