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3 Kisses (Directors Cut)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


Crime Drama


3 Kisses is a short script based on a couple involved with the Irish mob. It was cut to fit the 'catch' of the Digi 60 film festival, (which was to involve a kiss) however this is the intended version of the film. It was screened in it's full version of Digi60's 'Directors who took the leap' on Feb 29th 2012.


Kevin Preece

Produced by

Christina Preece, Matthew Stefiuk


Matthew Stefiuk
Angela Parent
Paul Finnigan
Sasha Chichagov
Billy Logan


Director/Writer/Editor- Kevin Preece
Producer- Matthew Stefiuk
Executive Producer- Christina Preece
Director of Photography- Justin Aresta
Script Supervisor- John Kambites
2nd AC- Jeffrey Bray
Sound Editor and post Audio- Howard Sonnenburg
Cameras provided by Parktown Productions, Martin Rodriguez
Lenses provided by Adrian Langley